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About Us


Hi, I’m Bill Marrs, Owner of M&M Brush Control LLC, I’ve lived in Mocksville NC for over 40 years. I have very strong ties to my family and community here. I’ve been married for over 35 years with two children and now a wonderful grandchild.

My business specializes in Forestry Mulching. I have an ASV 120F with a Loftness Battle Axe mulching head. I’ve been in construction for over 30 years and have committed myself over the past few years to mainly doing Forestry Mulching and Land Management. I enjoy working with companies along with farmers, homeowners, and landowners. I believe each job and person is different and business should not be approached as there is one solution and price for everyone. I like to make sure that I meet the needs and expectations of my customers while being able to offer a competitive and affordable price.

 I believe in communication. I want to understand what you are wanting to accomplish and expect with your project. I thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

“Returning nature back to nature at an affordable price”



  • Contractors

  • Developers

  • Land Owners

  • Ranchers

  • Farmers

  • Utility Companies

  • Home Owners

  • Builders

  • Property Managers



  • Forsyth County -
    Clemmons & Winston Salem

  • Davidson County -
    Lexington & Thomasville

  • Rowan County -

  • Iredell County -
    Statesville & Mooresville

  • Yadkin County -
    Boonville & Yadkinville

  • Davie County -

Facts & Questions

 How many acres can be mulched in a day?

The Mulching Process can clear 1-2 acres per day on average. It all varies depending on land conditions.

 Will grass and undergrowth come back in the mulched area?

Yes, but the erosion barrier left after the Mulching Process slows regrowth. We recommend routine maintenance to prevent any long-term regrowth. 

What type of equipment do you have

M&M is currently using a Loftness Battle Axe featuring mulching heads with Advanced Shredding Technology powered by an ASV 120F Forestry Mulcher.

How much does forestry mulching cost per hour?

Each job quote is based on travel time, terrain, type of growth, and job size.

How big of a tree can a Forestry Mulcher takedown and mulch.
As a general rule between 6-8 inches and the type of tree. For larger trees, we have tree services that we will refer for you to hire.

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